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Measures Success with the All-In-One Analytics Tool

Frances Leary

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INTRODUCING THE ALL-IN-ONE ANALYTICS TOOL for Tracking Website, Social Media, Local Search and Lead Conversion Growth YOUR BUSINESS. YOUR DATA. YOUR SUCCESS. ONE EASY TRACKING SOLUTION. 10 SHORT MINUTES A MONTH. Finally there's a tool with no monthly fee that allows you to track all your most important online analytics and insights in one place. It's quick, simple, straight-forward and designed to help you... MEASURE SUCCESS. Here's how it works: Step 1: Every month you collect the data you need to track. (If you don't know what to collect or how to collect it, we'll show you.) You can input data for:  - Google Analytics  - Social Media Insights (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram)  - Google My Business  - YouTube  - Lead Engagement and Conversion Step 2: Enter it into the Analytics Tool. Step 3: The tool will plug that data into a graph so you can track your growth over time. Other tools on the market will connect with your channels and collect the data for you. However, they also charge you monthly fees that average $99/month or more. This tool is designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses that would rather spend 10 minutes per month gathering data than spend $99 per month paying someone else to do it. The All-In-One Analytics Tool has no monthly fees and takes just 10 minutes per month to do your part. The tool does the rest. In a nutshell, the All-In-One Analytics Tool tracks your essential online marketing KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). Key Performance Indicators are the most important metrics you need to track to determine whether your online efforts are helping you reach your goals. By collecting this data on a consistent basis and monitoring how your KPI's perform on a month to month basis, you can see what results your efforts are producing. After measuring those results, you can then dig deeper to determine why you are getting the results you're getting.  By recording your metrics, you can answer the following questions:  - Are you reaching the right people?  - Are you engaging with your tribe?  - How many members of your tribe are inquiring about your product or service?  - How many of them are visiting your website?  - How many become leads? Then, you can take a closer look at those numbers and determine what is helping you achieve positive results and what isn't. There's even a guide to help you know what questions to ask and what actions to take to make improvements. There's not a simpler, more affordable tool on the market that does all of this. We know. We looked for one to help our clients, and when we didn't find one, we developed this solution If you're ready to spend just 10 minutes per month gathering the data you need to measure in order to find out what is driving your success, get the All-In-One Analytics Tool Now. (Works on Windows and Apple Operating Systems) 
Frances Leary

Frances Leary

Frances Leary is founder of The Soulcial Entrepreneur and president and CEO of the award-winning online marketing agency Wired Flare Inc. As an expert in digital storytelling and impact-driven online communication, Frances helps entrepreneurs and organizations connect with customers, partners and communities through compelling story. A digital shepherd, she offers training, consulting and coaching to empower entrepreneurs to transform more lives by leveraging their gifts using proven and meaningful digital communication process. Frances is an award-winning entrepreneur who speaks internationally to inspire and educate audiences on subjects related to entrepreneurship, marketing, online strategy and the power of authentic communication.