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Viral Direct Booking Methods

Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda

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Increase your direct accommodation bookings through social media marketing. Learn profound marketing strategies to increase your direct reservations made through your own website, Facebook page, emails, and calls. Copy successfully tested ideas that will automatically amaze your guests, provide great reviews, increase shares and likes for your accommodation business in no time. Do not worry about posts for the next day anymore. With the Viral Direct Booking Method Course, you will have a post ready for every single day in a year. By following the course and implementing the methods you will increase your brand awareness and become unique. Your audience will love what you do and support you on your way to more success. 
Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda

Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda

"Raj Pal is a crosswalker. He studied business management, marketing and finance. He did not study anything to do with the hospitality industry. The only experience he has had with hotels has come from being a guest to hotels himself. When he opened his first hotel, he immediately received great feedback and he even gained regular guests from day one. During the time he made changes, implemented strategies, tried new tools and sooner or later figured out what was really necessary to succeed in the complex and tough business. He sees issues from a different perspective and he likes to come up with solutions that are really not common at all. With his own implemented strategies and tools, he is able to expand."