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You can’t fulfill your mission if your messaging is off. That's why, every month, Amy Anderson will teach you pro tips, strategies, and shortcuts for writing to promote your business, your brand, and yourself. She’ll share the time-saving resources, creativity hacks, and copywriting insights she shares with her thought leadership and bestselling coaching clients. This is your opportunity to learn from an Emmy Award-winning writer and writing coach and the former Senior Editor of SUCCESS magazine, who has worked with clients like Shawn Achor, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell, John Assaraf, Stacy Tuschl, and Todd Duncan and whose work has appeared in more than 150 publications worldwide. As part of Mission & Message VIP Monthly, you receive: >LIVE monthly training and Q&A with Amy: Every month, Amy helps you create impactful, engaging messaging through 1-hour live, intensive training webcasts and Q&A chat. This small group training is perfect for the person who wants in-depth professional insights on writing challenges like titles, outlining, organizing your thoughts, condensing your ideas, writing bios, creating website copy, inspiring people to act, getting social media engagement, bringing your personality out in your writing, and more. >QUICK ACTION GUIDE for immediate progress: Along with each live training, Amy gives you a downloadable Quick Action Guide to help you immediately implement each strategy. This guide personalizes the training for your industry, your audience, and your goals. >REPLAYS in the members area: After each training, Amy’s team will post the replay in your exclusive VIP members area, where you can watch, take notes, and re-watch to get the most out of these insider secrets to successful messaging. >Admission to the Mission & Message FACEBOOK GROUP: All VIP members receive an invitation to join Amy’s Mission & Message Facebook Group, where peers and professionals provide feedback, cheering, and support for your writing projects. Daily prompts, weekly opportunities to share links to your blogs, and regular live Q&A’s with Amy make this an active, engaged group that gets results. >BONUS #1: Writing Process Accelerator: In this special training (only available to Amy’s VIP Monthly members), you’ll walk through an easy-to-follow but powerful process for optimizing your writing process. That translates into faster, better results—and less stress around what you have to write. You’ll have immediate access to this training when you join so you can get the most out of every training session with Amy. >BONUS #2: Title Anything Tool: Stop wrestling over every single title. Don’t let your lack of a great title keep you from hitting ‘Publish’ any longer. Amy’s Title Anything Tool will help you narrow down your title ideas to what works for your audience, your channel, and your goals. Sign up now to get access to this tool so you can finally get that idea out there to the people who need it and move on to the next big thing. >> In the coming months of Mission & Message VIP Monthly, Amy reveals her pro tips on topics such as: • Know Where to Start: How do you choose the right theme or story for your writing? Find out the critical steps to choosing the right theme that resonates with your readers. • Email Subject Line Do’s and Don’ts: Are your emails getting opened? If not, there might be some simple tweaks you can make to the subject lines to make those emails more inviting. • Tell Your Story + Become the Expert: How does telling your own story well help you become an expert? Learn the structure of storytelling and why it moves your readers to work with you. • Overcome the Stress of Writing Ad Copy: Are you waffling back and forth over just the right word in your ad copy? You can write stress-free and get solid results if you know the format the pros use. • Say Goodbye to Corporate Speak: A lot of folks coming from the corporate world struggle to get rid of their formal voice and bring some personality to their writing. Learn tools for bringing out your own unique flair. • Stay Out of the Inconsistency Trap: How easy is it to write one blog or email compared to weekly content? But writing regularly will make the biggest difference for your business, so learn ways to stay consistent and time-smart. • Avoid Missing Your Client’s Biggest Needs: If you’re getting visitors but not purchases, you might be missing your client’s biggest issues. Discover easy ways to learn more about what really matters to your potential clients so you can create offers that appeal to them. • Create a Client-Winning Website: Do you feel like you’re drowning in your About page wording? Learn the tools to see your business from a consumer’s point of view so your website copy draws them in to your offers. • Cure the Too-Many-Word Blues: How do you say all that you want to say in fewer words? Writing in a concise, clear way is possible with a few quick editing tips. • Find the Courage to Share: Does fear stop you from hitting ‘Publish’ too often? You’re not alone, but there are effective ways to awaken your inner courage and take bold action in your messaging. • Secrets to Editing Faster: How long does it take you to revise your first draft? Pros know a few secrets that shave a LOT of time off the editing process. >> CANCEL ANYTIME! If you don’t love the program, just cancel anytime by responding to any of our emails. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you’ll receive a full refund. After that, as soon as you cancel, you won’t be billed again. No stress, no hassle. Let Amy train you every month and get the results you want from your messaging. Grow your audience, get followers, sell your services, and become respected in your field. You deserve this kind of professional attention. Sign up now so you get the next training! You can move your business to the next level of success. Let Amy help. Join Mission & Message VIP Monthly today for limited-time introductory pricing. Hurry! 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Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson is an Emmy Award-winning writer, nonfiction book editor, speaker, and entrepreneur. She jumps out of bed every day to help people tell their story and share their message with the world. As former Senior Editor of SUCCESS magazine, Amy has met and worked with some of the world’s greatest achievers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. The principles she’s learned and connections she’s made over the years have offered her unique opportunities to grow as a writer, writing coach, and business owner. She and her team have worked with companies like Advisors Excel, Ryan, Predictive ROI, and Dell, as well as with clients such as John Assaraf, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell, Stacy Tuschl, Shawn Achor, and Todd Duncan. Her writing has been published over 150 times in regional, national, and international publications. Amy believes in clear missions, powerful messages, and engaging writing that transforms readers into clients. To this end, she guides coaches, consultants, and mission-driven entrepreneurs to uncover and write their stories to create lasting change for their followers. Amy is also a wife, mom, and shoe lover who trades her high heels for hiking boots whenever she can.