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Programming 101

Reyci Martorell

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Learn how to create dynamic and effective in the gym performance training programs for your athletes today with Programming 101! Did you know that the game itself is “characterized by approximately 1200 acyclical and unpredictable changes in activity (one every 3-5 seconds on average) involving, among others, 30-40 accelerations, more than 700 turns, 30-40 tackles and jumps as well as other intense actions such as kicking, dribbling and tackling” (Van Winckel, Helsen, McMillan, Tenney, Meert & Bradley, 2014). In fact, in one game, each player will exhibit between 1000 to 1500 discrete movement changes every 5-6 seconds (Science and Soccer). These are staggering numbers that clearly show that overall fitness is vital to performance. The rapid and intense movements are physically demanding, and in order to maintain technical skills throughout the game soccer players must be in top physical condition. A well-designed fitness training program helps players develop the needed physical adaptations to be able to perform both high and low intensity exercise while maintaining the high endurance capacity necessary to handle the rigors of the game. Players must be able to execute performance components such as running, sprinting, jumping, turning, cutting, and kicking. The player must have strength, power and endurance, and must be able to move in a flexible way across sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes, as well as in a multiplanar fashion. This all must be done at varying speeds and in various directions and complexities. In the varied and unpredictable nature of the game, the application of these skills determines the quality of play. As a methodology, we concern ourselves more with the understanding of functional strength training rather than the specifics of terminology. We further view movement as a three-part process: bones move, joints feel and muscles react. Taking that into account, we believe that all movements in sport originate from the generation of force from the muscles (as a unit) pulling on the bones to create motion across the joints that results in efficient and powerful force production.  Our goal with this program is to expand your understanding of movement. That can include how it is performed, the limiting factors within performance, your ability to identify inefficient or dangerous movement/technique, how to use equipment to your advantage and the interaction between the body, equipment and environment. We want to teach you how to learn, build in-the-gym training programs through proven, targeted and effective program design so that you can be the best you can be for your athletes. As coaches we want to focus our energies on challenging our players with the physical/movement conditions they encounter in the game.  Research has supported the premise that these demands are vast and varied and thus our training program should be as well. We aim to embrace and challenge our players with the unique blend of physical demands the sport of soccer places on the body. We want to empower you to make your athletes the best they can be. Don't wait and give your athlete's the best with Programming 101! Note: Included in this program are six sections designed to teach you how to build effective and efficient in-the-gym training programs. Sections include the welcome, training basics, energy systems, program structure, classifying exercises and putting it all together. Each section comes in a printable program book complete with pictures, diagrams, a program card and detailed background instructional information.
Reyci Martorell

Reyci Martorell

I’m Reyci Martorell, founder of MOVETRU Athletic and creator of the Programming 101 In-the-gym soccer training program. I developed the program because I love soccer and I know what an impact an effective training program can have. I played soccer at Emory University and have spent my entire career studying athletic performance and implementing what I’ve learned while training professional athletes as well as youth athletes. Here’s what I know without question -- the better we move, the better we play. It sounds simple, but if it was easy everyone would already have mastered it and we know that’s not the case. The years between 6 and 12 are critical for a player’s skill development. I understand how difficult it can be for coaches to find reliable training resources that truly enhance performance and provide the best opportunity for their players. MOVETRU Athletic gives youth athletes the best chance to succeed by providing coaches and parents with an advanced training protocol that is effective, up-to-date and scientifically valid. Education: Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Coaching Education (soccer) Ohio University, 2017 Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Sports Administration University of Miami, 2001 Bachelor of Science  in Biology Emory University, 1999 Professional Certifications: US Soccer E Coaching License FASTER Specialist in Soccer Performance, Functional Performance and Functional Therapy EXOS Performance Specialist Certification P3 Sports Performance Mentorship in July of 2015 NSCA CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) & CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) NASM CES (Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist) & CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) Gray Institute (Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS)) PTA Global CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) Precision Nutrition (Level 1 PN Certified) Function First (Pair-Free Movement Specialist Level 1 and 2) Master Trainer  Escape Fitness (Core Momentum Trainer, Plyometrics, TYRE, GRIPR, Kettlebell, Octogon, Power Training) CoreTex American Heart Association (CPR/AED)