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Cultivate Your Curls - The MAP Method

Scott Musgrave

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Cultivate Your Curls - The MAP Method If you have wavy & curly hair that is frizzy or has unmanagable fly-a-way hairs that float out and above your head and desire to finally learn how to manage your hair for the first time in your life - then this couse is for you! If you have wavy hair that can go straight or with looser sections over a day or two and yet look dry and have that dry frizzy look - well, your in the family to learn how to work with your wavy/curly hair with this course. If you have loose curly hair with a combo of large barrel curls, tighter curls or even wavy, loose and tighter curls on one head of hair! Then your in the family! If your hair looks 'better' when it is wet - and wish it looked like that when it is dry (without the wet look) - then this course is for you! This course is intended for those that do not have a routine that is working for them and they are looking for a step by step method of getting professional & beautiful hair.
Scott Musgrave

Scott Musgrave

Scott Musgrave is a curly hair specialist focusing on helping people with wavy & curly hair to embrace their hair. Founder of Curly Hair Artistry and a business owner of Scott Musgrave Hair. His blog MagiCurly has impacted many people all over the globe to help embrace not only their hair, but to increase their confidence. He travels the USA and other areas of the world training hairstylists how to work with curly hair and to increase their business with social media and marketing by developing their personal brand vision.