Improving Communication in Your Relationship (video course)

Dr. Catherine Cirulli

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Good communication is so important to the health and happiness of all relationships. This is a 4-week video course on the fundamental aspects of creating great communication in your relationship. These are essential strategies to start using right away!

The program focuses on listening, expressing yourself so you're heard, how to reduce tension, fight fair, and take a time-out when conflict arises. You'll also learn specific strategies in detail that you can use right away to create positive change in your relationship. 

It is recommended you watch one video lesson each week until you complete the program. It's a step-by-step course and each lesson ends with things to practice during the week, before moving on to the next lesson. There are also 3 bonus videos included with this course. 

We know you're busy! So the lessons are short and to the point. Most lessons are only 4-6 minutes! Here at PsychSavvy we want personal change to be convenient to fit your lifestyle.  

Each lesson will focus on a different communication strategy shown to improve communication, increase connection and decrease tension in relationships. Get started now and I'll see you there!

Dr. Catherine Cirulli

Dr. Catherine Cirulli

Dr. Catherine Cirulli, PsyD, is a Clinical Psychologist and the founder of PsychSavvy, an collection of personal development video courses available at Dr. Cirulli is dedicated to helping people create healthy relationships and establish personal fulfillment. Dr. Cirulli holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in Psychology.

Dr. Cirulli's past professional experiences include supervising for the graduate program at the University of Denver, consulting for The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, working in child welfare, college counseling, career counseling, and with chronic pain patients. Dr. Cirulli presents to live audiences on a variety of topics including stress management, social anxiety, relaxation skills, adult ADHD, chronic pain, substance abuse, increasing self-esteem, personality profiles in the workplace, and more.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and experiencing the outdoors through biking, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing in beautiful Colorado.