HR Services for the small business

Mirjam IJtsma

$39.00 USD every month

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Here you are! You are looking for an all in one HR Package for an affordable monthly price.

We offer an all-in-one package. In this package you get access to

HR Advisers - 10 hours  day .
Employment law database (with the explanation and the forms).
Employment law updates (it is no easy to see what has changed).
Templates to implement programs and do your own HR Audit.
Health Care Reform training tools, templates, and forms.
Training: step by step workshop to help you implement HR Programs and resources. 
Guided support to implement things like Employee Handbook, Harassment Prevention Programs, Performance Management.
White papers: need to better understand a topic, need to give the "proof" to a manager, or you want to read through it. You got it.

All for one low monthly subscription of $39.00 per month (with a 14 day no risk trial)

Mirjam IJtsma

Mirjam IJtsma

You are looking for resources in your HR function, aren't you. I am an HR Professional. In the past when I was looking for resources, I Googled what I was looking for. Sometimes I got the right information right away, often times I felt left in the dark.
Conflicting information, or not the template I was looking for at all.   When I was considering about engaging an HR Consultant, I was surprised about the cost and stayed with my best practice.   At one point in my career, I became an HR Consultant. And I learned something really shocking. They did not know everything, but they had a secret source in a pocket. They used companies who would provide them the latest law updates, templates for many HR processes and access to webinars. And then with all this knowledge they go to HR managers and charge an arm and a leg.   This wasn't right! This is why I developed a program that is affordable for any HR professional. In this program you have access to HR advisers (10 hours per day), online database with all law updates and tutorials, webinars, training programs and templates.   And the best thing, everything has been reviewed by labor law attorney's.   You are probably in the same boat as I was, Managers thought (and said) that they hired you as an HR professional and for that reason you should know it all. Most of them, don't want to pay for an HR consultant that will cost them at least a few hundred dollars per month. And they are right about that.   The package is so affordable, that every manager or business owner will have no hesitation to let you subscribe to it.   Let me know how I can help you! Mirjam