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Holy _____ !!!

Quick Q: Does Facebook freak you out?

If so, it shouldn't. I'll be the first to admit that I've had a Love/Hate relationship with Facebook in the past. It wasn't until I realized that I literally had to deal with my Facebook trauma before it was going to work for me. I've got some Facebook therapy for you.

Let's geek out together? #urmysupercrush

Annabel Linquist

Annabel Linquist

“This super cool girl (Annabel) is a force worth checking out.”

—Elle Magazine

Ohhmy goshh. *In 2011, I took over Vanity Fair's Summer Guide and accidentally became a blogger with a viral site (before Facebook even owned Instagram) overnight. Before accepting book deals and reality tv show offers (yup), I found a way to offer up my creative projects without signing them away to publishers or becoming totally beholden to advertisers to monetize my blog. I found the secret business model that I was looking for that gave me the freedom to do 100% what I wanted and OWN IT ALL. Knowledge commerce, baby! I want to teach you what I learned so you can copy my process and make your own profitable courses and build the life of your dreams! 

xo! Annabel (#urmysupercrush Founder)