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Remus Vargas - Networking Coach and Entrepreneur

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The best networking and social skills course out there! We will get together through every process of networking and give you real life examples of handling situations. You will have homework that will actually put you to work and learn quicker than ever.

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Remus Vargas - Networking Coach and Entrepreneur

Remus Vargas - Networking Coach and Entrepreneur

Remus Vargas is the go to person if you want to know more about networking and social skills. He is the guy that you will miss shortly after he has left the room. He is an entrepreneur based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and he built all his businesses while making lasting friendships. Most of his current business partners are friends that he easily made while enjoying success and his life. Humble, motivated and consistent he delivers every time he has to. That does not mean “every day”. Because we all need some resting time and nobody can really give 100% every single day without underperforming. And Remus believes in High Performance.Helping people was always the center piece of Remus’ life, and being around people and care about them was always his passion. So, the Networking Coach career was something natural and obvious for him.