Designing Your Life

Dr. Lou Corleto

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Congratulations for taking one of the most important action steps in your life, the willingness to grow yourself.
Socrates said “ an unexamined life isn't worth living”
The following are only a few ways in which your life will transform as you engage in this process: 
·         Living by YOUR Core values
·         Implement changes faster with your accountability partner
·         Move beyond security to TRUST
·         Express more vitality (less or no sickness) in your life
·         Experience the fulfillment of community
·         Decrease your medical expenses
·         Checking off your bucket list faster than you've imagined
·         Bring Fun and play, back to your life - live younger
·         Generate income with your current skills and talents
·         Move from job to career to vocation - and experience the benefits
·         BE the captain of your ship and master of your destiny
·         Put a halt to your self-sabotaging patterns
·         Gain clarity on where you have SET your financial 'thermostat'
·         know YOU CAN do it- even in the face of others saying you can't.         

Understand you and your connection to all of your relations. The fact that you are reading this page, that you are open to 'Designing YOUR Life',  shows that you value your life and know you desire and deserve something better. YOU at YOUR next level.

Your life is worth living to the fullest and this action alone places you in a different category than the majority of the people on the planet. 
See you on this inside...

Abundant Blessings
Dr. Lou Corleto

Dr. Lou Corleto

Dr. Lou Corleto

Dr. Lou Corleto has been actively studying the human body and healing principles for over 30 years.  Lou teaches and speaks around the world ( ALL 7 continents and over 40 countries) on healing possibilities, consciousness, vitalistic philosophy and high-performance living.    He combines ancient wisdom of the ages with the most cutting-edge science.  Dr. Lou is the author of 'Healing Vs Curing', opening the door to a new lease on life, Your Life. It is currently published in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. As president of AdJustWorld, Inc. he and his team have brought light to the world via humanitarian missions of Light since 1998.  Lou is the owner of The Center for Life Expression – A sanctuary for personal and professional transformation. Lou's mission is to honor each persons path and assist you to remember that you are more than your physical body. You are the driver, not your vehicle (body). You are pure potential, pure light, and pure love.