Amazing Assistant M.A.P - Manual Only

Jennifer Maffei

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Due to demand - we are now offering the Amazing Assistant M. A. P. (Master Admin Procedures) Manual as a stand-alone product!

Now every company can have their Assistant(s) increase their organizational skills, improve their efficiency, and maximize productivity.

Perfect for every Assistant in your organization - the ©️M.A.P. takes the Assistant through all the steps needed to improve the way they can support their teams. Completely customizable, your Assistant's ©️M.A.P will be perfectly tailored to you and your company's needs!

Modules include:

✓ Assistant Fundamentals

✓ Time Management

✓ Meetings & Scheduling

✓ Finance

✓ Travel

✓ Reference (Items every Assistant needs daily)

✓ Maintenance (E-mails, phone, couriers, etc)

✓ Professional Development

✓ Bonus Module! - This includes templates for creating custom procedures and is updated regularly with the most requested forms.



Jennifer Maffei

Jennifer Maffei

It started over 2 decades ago. ..
Jennifer started her career as a Receptionist, moved up to Assistant, Executive and started her own business. 


She immigated to the United States and had to start over again!

Taking contract work as an Assistant, then moving up to Executive Assistant and CEO Assistant at Fortune 500 companies. 

Jennifer had to learn the hard way, without a lot of support or guidance along the way.

Making mistakes, and learning from others mistakes, she started to realize that there was an opportunity to help others on their journey.

So in 2014 - Jennifer started VEA Services -  designed to help you!

  • Receptionists moving up to Assistants
  • Assistants to become Amazing Assistants by giving them the Amazing Assistant M.A.P.
  • And working with Executives to coach them how to make better Executive and Assistant Teams