22 Days To Great Posture Bootcamp

Aaron Lloyd Ulysses Parnell

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“Stand up straight, put your shoulders back, sit up tall.” That’s advice everyone has heard one time or another. It’s advice many of us don’t take seriously until we begin to feel the consequences of bad posture. Maintaining proper posture allows bones to do the work of weight baring in the right places, which leaves the muscles free to do the work of movement. Great posture happens when your body does this without thinking. Great posture means better flexibility and fewer injuries with greater gains when exercising.

In the 22 Days to Great Posture Bootcamp, Aaron Parnell teaches 22 different exercises and stretches to help individuals achieve great posture and maintain it from the comfort of their own home. The moves were created for any skill level and can be modified depending on your specific situation. Spinal alignment is one of the most important factors in overall health and wellbeing. By restoring the function and movement of your body, quality of life not only improves for you, but for your loved ones as well. This bootcamp will empower individuals to take care of their bodies and achieve better overall health. Great health is the best asset that a human individual can possess. Take action today and maximize your health potential through the 22 Days to Great Posture Bootcamp!

Aaron Lloyd Ulysses Parnell

Aaron Lloyd Ulysses Parnell

Aaron Parnell is the founder and creator of Reposturing—The Pain Elimination Method®. Serving as a sports massage therapist at the Los Angeles Olympics, treating and studying hundreds of world-class athletes from 42 countries in 52 sports; Aaron launched his career in sports-fitness, and health-wellness. 

Aaron uncovered two important patterns that inspired him to shift his focus. Aaron has since devoted his life to helping all people—not just athletes—reach their full potential

Using posture as a foundation for pain-free living, Aaron applies his education in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, exercise physiology, biophysics, and human development to help people reach their health and wellness goals. 

Aaron has authored nearly 100 published articles on a range of health and wellness topics. Additionally, he has produced two fitness workout videos, appeared on radio and television programs across the nation, and he trains and certifies practitioners in Reposturing through a nationally recognized program.

On daily basis, Aaron works with clients at The Vitality Center in San Mateo, California using the Reposturing method to help meet their health goals.