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Music Business Guide to Success

Dave Kusek

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See how to make it in the modern music business. The Music Business Guide to Success is designed for independent artists, songwriters and producers. You have the talent. You have the drive. Now get the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in the music business today. Get over 8 hours of practical video training available on demand. See how to navigate the new music business. Learn how to attract the attention of music publishers and record labels. See how to license your music, the secrets of music production, how to get your songs placed on TV and commercials, the elements of fan funding, list building, hit songwriting tips, how to make money on Spotify and more. Self-Paced Online Music Business Training • Music Licensing in Film & TV. • What Record Labels are Looking for. • Creating Super Fan Communities. • Creating Hits & Power Songwriting. • Producing Music • How to make streaming on Spotify pay off. • How to Attract the Attention of a Music Publisher. • Visualizing Success and Planning for the Future. • Includes FOUR bonus videos Cultivating Superfans Creating fan experiences Power networking techniques Making money with your music.
Dave Kusek

Dave Kusek

Hi, Dave Kusek here. I’m the founder of New Artist Model and I’ve have taught tens of thousands of musicians from around the world through my books, live events and online classes. I co-wrote the Future of Music book which has sold over 50,000 copies. In that book we predicted the iPhone, Siri and Spotify. I helped to get the MIDI standard started long ago. I was also the co-creator of Synare electronic drums and developed one of the first digital sequencers. I have always been an advocate for independent musicians and my contributions have helped make it possible for you to do what you do today in music production, business and independent music marketing. I am also the founder and former CEO of Berklee Online, the world’s largest music school. I’ve worked with artists, songwriters, performers, promoters, managers, label people, publishers, booking agents, and A&R reps. I love the music business and think this is a great time to be a musician. I hope that you will join me on your musical journey.