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Finding Fabulous Online Course

Lisa Dadd

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Do you feel trapped, unfulfilled or unhappy in your job? Have you let the confines of your career dictate the type of life you get to live? What could your life look like if you were more connected with what you do for a living? Finding Fabulous Online Course will help you: - Clarify your motivation to change - Overcome self-limiting beliefs that hold you back - Shift your mindset about the role money plays in career transformations - Build a stronger support network around your decisions - Evolve your perception of what’s possible - Redefine your definition of success Included with the course: Step-by-Step Video Course - Be guided by the author as she helps you dive deeper into your own dreams and desires. Over 100 short, bite-sized, actionable, video exercises and activities will support and encouragement you along the way. Best-selling Book - Be inspired by stories of real-life "FabFinders" who have left the status quo behind in order to live their version of a fabulous life! Companion Workbook - Apply the wisdom and lessons you learn in the book to your own life and design your own version of fabulous!
Lisa Dadd

Lisa Dadd

Finding the sweet spot between passion & talent, Lisa guides high-achieving professionals to discover new and unique possibilities for their careers. The expanded perception of what is possible for how we make a living allows us to really consider what kind of life we want to live. Leveraging twenty years of strategic business skills, and cultivating insights from her current entrepreneurial adventures, her mission is to provide practical, relevant advice for anyone tired of feeling stuck and ready to take action.