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Writer Blocks - How To Write & Self-Publish Your Book In 30 Days

Enrique Marin

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CanĀ  a your book be written and self-published in the next 30 days?? YOU BET!

We believe everyone has a book inside of is just a matter of getting it out!

This course shows the simple process that Enrique took to go from having never written a book to being published on Amazon and bringing his unique perspective to the world.

Along with a clear path to follow, you will have the opportunity to connect with other people working on their own book and experience the importance and benefits of accountability.

Simply reading this means you have had thoughts about writing a book. Now is when you need to take the next step toward making this a reality.

Buy now and and access the course. You will see how a USMC Combat Veteran was able to apply what he found on booking writing and get it out to the world. This is truly a fast track for your own experience with writing a book.

Enrique Marin

Enrique Marin

<li>USMC Combat Veteran turned digital marketer and author.
<br><li>Co-Founder of Arming Patriots, LLC and creator of <strong>Writer Blocks: How To Write And Self-Publish Your Book In 30 Days</strong>.
<br><li>I have a passion for helping people be the best, to make things happen and live a life that they determine...not determined by others.
<br><li>If I can write a can too!