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How to Create and Maintain a Culture of Prosperity

Brian Buggé


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This is a free online course offered to you as a "Value-Added Extra." Much of the material in this free course was taken from several paid courses I produced, one of which sold for $997.00. While this free course does not include some of the more advanced training, material, or coaching that is offered in my paid courses, that does not impact the tremendous value of this basic course. After listening to all 13 videos (about 7 hours worth of training) you will understand and comprehend the COFFEE BREAK strategy and framework. You will also be able to put it into practice, not only enhancing your own life, but enhancing the lives of your friends and family, and enhancing your business, your organization and/or your community. That's some free gift, so don't forget to thank the person or organization that offered this to you. Here are the topics I discuss: (1) My Story; (2) The COFFEE BREAK strategy & framework; (3) The 8 most common reasons people fail to achieve their goals; (4) Your Inner World; (5) The Razor's Edge Theory; (6) Goal Setting; (7) Financial Freedom; (8) Lifestyle; (9) Q&A.
Brian Buggé

Brian Buggé

I share ideas that count with people who care. In so doing, I help individuals, families, business owners and entire communities create and maintain a culture of prosperity, which reduces inequity and helps everyone achieve and enjoy “The American Dream.” I am a skilled change agent with well developed emotional intelligence. I combine formal education and practical experience in the field and turn it all into real life applications that produce extraordinary results. My track record of success has garnered me: 3 separate Nat’l. Assoc. of Counties “Achievement Awards,” Newsday’s first ever “Civic Spirit Award,” a NOVA Award from the American Hosp. Assoc., a Presidential “Excellence in Education” award from the U.S. Dept. of Education, a “Certificate of Merit” bestowed by the Mayor of NYC on the steps of City Hall, a “Supervisor of the Year” award from the VFW, a “Meritorious Service” award from the Nassau County Legislature, inclusion in Marquis’s Who’s Who in America, investigative work highlighted in a Pulitzer Prize winning story, and an invitation to appear before the NYS Senate & Congress to advise them how they could replicate my successes in other organizations or municipalities throughout the country [NOTE: my advice to them was to utilize the 5P’s: Philosophy, Process, Programs, Problem-Solving & Partnerships, along with good policy, training & supervision]. So no fluff and no b.s.; just proven and effective approaches to personal empowerment, personal & organizational resiliency and community revitalization.